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An in-frame kitchen describes the construction of the kitchen cabinetry. A frame is fitted to the front of the carcass and the cabinet doors are attached to that frame.

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To achieve balance your kitchen needs to have a symmetry of proportion and elegance with a feeling of light and space. The secret to this is to focus on the details and quality of the overall room.

Once you train your eye to notice it, it will become the first thing that you see in a room.

In-frame is a traditional method of furniture making that has been used for centuries. It is where a cabinet door perfectly fits within a solid wooden frame and it is a style that works particularly well in bespoke fitted kitchens. Deep greens and blues look particularly striking with an in-frame style of kitchen cabinetry.

Broaden your horizons

The pinnacle of kitchens arrives in our in-frame range. Put simply, the craftsmanship that goes into these products means that finding a worthy comparison may require you to travel some distance. Many competitors attempt to reproduce the stunning looks of this range, but simply cannot match the joinery required to do it properly. With over 300 manufacturing options and combinations, our clients are truly able to find their personalised kitchen.

The only parameters we have to stay within those within the realms of possibility, and within those the scope is huge. If we are physically able to make something to fit your needs then we will, which gives you an almost unlimited landscape to create. Stop being told what you have to choose from, and start asking for what you want.

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Within this range are the industry leading dovetail drawer boxes. Hand-crafted from solid oak, solid walnut or solid maple, with various inset storage solutions, these drawer boxes will stand the test of time; no matter how long that may be.

Bespoke finishes

If you are taken by the beautiful curved feature doors that other companies offer then here we offer further advantages that others do not. Rather than a standard sized base or wall curved ends, we are able to manufacture curved doors and features to any size or radius. Stunning island unit and full return base end curves are only the beginning of this vast range of possibilities.

Our in-frame is so well built, that you will be able to have it fully refurbished should you ever wish to change the look without ever having to remove the units themselves. We have painters who will sand down the existing doors and frames and then re-paint them and change the handles, creating a completely different look to the same base kitchen. This furniture is an investment and need not be removed for as long as you want to keep it! Another reason to choose from this range.

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